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  • To Achieve Mastery You Must Train with the Masters
  • Roy Hunter’s Mastering the Art of Hypnotherapy Mentor Course
  • Hypnotherapy Mastery Course with Roy Hunter, Bruce Eimer, and Cindy Locher

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Dear #firstname#,

Mastering the Art of Hypnotherapy – with Roy Hunter, Bruce Eimer, and Cindy Locher is now accepting registrants!
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Do you ever wonder how the Master hypnotists seem to be able to work with almost anyone who walks through their doors?
How do they achieve such success with their clients in fewer sessions?
How do they command more money for their sessions?
What’s their secret?

How many hours of training, research, or mentoring have they done?

Maybe you’ve been a hypnotherapist for some time, and you’re looking to take your practice to the next level.

Maybe you feel like you need to piece together the best training to get you there?  So you take online course after online course, trying to find that one “diamond” course that could make all the difference to your practice.

Sure, you could continually Google your way through finding course after course in every niche imaginable to find that “perfect” training.
Even then, how do you know that the course is of high quality once you sign up?

How many of these online training programs (the low cost, piecemeal ones) have you started, only to get bored with them, to leave them unfinished for months?  And if you do end up finishing,  do they put you right back on the same path – Googling for yet another course?
How do you know if a training program is REALLY going to make you a better hypnotherapist?
Are they really just another “diploma or certificate mill” – just out to take your money, leaving you with maybe just a few simple techniques that you can use, and maybe with one or two specific populations?

How would it feel if you could easily and effectively help any client who walked through your doors, regardless of their issue?

Deep down, you know, that the key to unlocking your potential as a master hypnotherapist won’t be found through taking online course after course.
It’s often said that it takes up to 10,000 hours to become a “master” at a skill – unless YOU have access to Master Mentors.

It’s time to stop the vicious “Google Cycle” in your ongoing training, and learn the true secrets from three master practitioners.

If you want to achieve mastery, you need to learn from the masters.

Roy Hunter, Bruce Eimer, and Cindy Locher are joining forces this summer to bring a focused and thorough, 22-week, Master Mentorship program entitled, Mastering the Art of Hypnotherapy.

Based on Roy Hunter’s proven Parts Therapy curriculum, this mentorship course, limited to just 20 advanced practitioners, will teach you to:

*Master the process that enables you to confidently work with any client who walks into your office, regardless of presenting issue.
*Learn how to discern your clients subconscious blocks and what to do once you’ve done so.
*Become more confident that your client IS in hypnosis – and lean how to have THEM become more confident too.
*Know which type of hypnotic technique to use when – and how to know for sure.
*Learn the 3 Key factors that determine whether your practice thrives or struggles.
*Master the most powerful hypo-analytic techniques available in modern hypnotherapy.
*Move way beyond “script-nosis” and develop the competence & confidence to get results, even in non-clinical settings (ever help someone with fear of flying – on the plane?)

In total, you will learn the ART of crafting a superior Total Client Experience, from start to finish in your practice.

If you want to become a Master, you need access to MASTER MENTORS.

We hope you will join Roy, Bruce, and Cindy this summer for Mastering the Art of Hypnotherapy!  Spots are limited and are projected to fill quickly.

Find out more and register at:
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Most Sincerely,


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