It takes up to 10,000 hours to become a “master” at a skill – unless YOU have access to Master Mentors.
There are NO NICHES – only the quality of presence, practice, and experience that a MASTER holds.

A true master knows that they can effectively help almost anyone who comes to see them.

What if you could achieve a level of mastery, authenticity, and attention for your clients that was unbreakable, un-surpassable, and un-matchable by your fellow practitioners and peers?

That kind of achievement can never come from piecing together cheap course after cheap course.   

You get what you pay for.  A string of small niche courses (even if you complete them all) can leave you scattered, fragmented, unfulfilled, and still “small” in how you show up in your practice and for your clients.

If you want to achieve mastery, you need to TRAIN with the MASTERS.

Welcome to Mastering the Art of Hypnotherapy:  Professional Mentoring Program

Overview: This is an online mentoring program in client centered hypnotherapy for hypnosis professionals and advanced students of hypnotherapy. Instructional modalities include live classes via video-conferencing, on demand video streaming of pre-recorded classes and demonstrations, and individual mentoring and supervision via phone and email. The program is based on Roy Hunter’s original hypnotherapy certification course which includes the best teachings of Charles Tebbetts, updated by Roy to incorporate new knowledge and changes in social norms. All necessary course materials are included in the tuition.

Size: Each mentoring class will be limited to 21 students to insure that all three instructors will be accessible to every participant.

Our legacy is all about helping hypnosis professionals become better practitioners, in order to make our profession more credible.

This program is designed to last for 22 weeks, and includes the following:

  • Twenty-two weekly one-hour live streamed video classes, dates TBA. Classes will be recorded and available for review at your convenience.
  • Reading materials:  PDF Mentoring Class Study Guide (value, $45.), plus electronic versions of four highly praised textbooks by Roy Hunter published by Crown House Publishing (The Art of Hypnosis, The Art of Hypnotherapy, The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy co-authored by Bruce Eimer, Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution). Total value of texts: $189.80.  Total value of texts plus study guide:  $234.80.
  • Online mp4  Video recordings: The Benefits Approach ($49); Parts Sessions with Roy Hunter ($59); “A Miracle on Demand” session by Charles Tebbetts ($59); Spirit Trek ($59); 2-day Workshop: Hypnotic Regression Therapy ($175 — 2011, Costa Mesa, California); 2-day Workshop: Client Centered Parts Therapy ( $175 — 2011, Costa Mesa, California); 2-day Workshop: The Art of Hypnotic Regression ($175 — 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada). Participant workbooks (PDF format) are provided for each workshop. Total value of video files: $796.00.
  • Access to Eimer video at Hypnosis for Pain. Note that Dr. Eimer is an APA approved sponsor, **see note below… ($299).
  • One hour of individual mentoring by Skype, phone, or email: mentee’s choice of topics ($300), with option to invest in additional time at a discounted rate.
  • Individual mentoring of a recorded hypnotherapy session ($500).
  • Individual mentoring of six additional sessions, submitted in written summary by email. Feedback to be provided via email, Skype or phone. Value: $1200.00 (based on $200. per case).
  • Certificates: Certified Hypnotic Regression Therapist (CHRT), Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator (CPTF), Certificate of Completion of professional mentoring program. (Invaluable)
  • Continuing Education credit recognized by the International Association of Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy IMDHA), the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT), the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP), and more to be added.
  • Credit towards IMDHA full membership and certification requirements. When total hours of initial training and subsequent training combined with our mentoring program surpass the educational requisites for IMDHA membership, our program graduates will be eligible to take the IMDHA certification examination.
  • Optional proctoring of IMDHA exam for anyone wishing membership ($75 value).

Your Total Value of materials and individual mentoring EXCLUDING the value of the 22 online classes: $3,845.80.

Given the above value of $3,845.80 means your extra investment for the mentoring program is only $104.20 for the 22-week online training program and educational credits!


Your Total Investment for the 22 week program is only $3950!
(If paid in advance, or $888 per month for five months.)

**The Behavior Therapy Center, P.C. & Bruce Eimer, Ph.D., ABPP, are approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor Continuing Education for psychologists. The Behavior Therapy Center, P.C. & Bruce Eimer, Ph.D., ABPP, maintain responsibility for this program and its content.

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“An obvious feature of Roy’s work, and one that he exhibited throughout the weekend, is the honoring respect he holds toward clients…I want to encourage the reader who did not have an opportunity to attend this workshop to take any future opportunity to attend a Roy Hunter workshop, and to consider his book,Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy.”

Gordon Emmerson, Ph. D.

Published Author of Ego State Therapy
“I know all three professionals on this team. Roy Hunter is the IMDHA parts therapy trainer and a popular presenter at the annual Hypno Expo conferences. Bruce Eimer, PhD, is a psychologist (and an active IMDHA member) who teamed with Roy to build a bridge between hypnotherapy and psychology. Cindy Locher is an excellent IMDHA instructor and frequent presenter at the IMDHA/IACT conferences. I believe these three veteran professionals will make a great team to help improve your skills.”

Robert Otto

CEO, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
“I’ve twice been involved in organising Parts Therapy workshops in the UK for Roy and each time has been a wonderful display of professionalism and consummate skill. I’d have absolutely no hesitation in recommending anybody to attend this workshop; they will learn how to work ultra-effectively at the root of fundamental issues from a Master of the Art.”

Terrence Watts

Founder, Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
“Roy Hunter’s writings, without exception, show a deep and passionate belief in his work, and in the power of the subconscious mind to effect change… I have had the pleasure of being in some of Roy’s masterclasses a few years ago in California, and was impressed by the depth of his knowledge back then. More so I was mesmerised by the pure joy and passion he has in his work.”

Tom Barber, MA, DHp

Director, Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies, UK, regarding Mastering the Power of Self-Hypnosis
“Two of hypnotherapy’s stellar practitioners, Roy Hunter and Bruce Eimer, have pooled their expertise to produce a book on regression hypnotherapy so comprehensive, it is the only guide to regression hypnosis a hypnotherapist will ever need.  In The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy,the authors have drawn from their mentors, David Cheek, Charles Tebbetts, and Dabney Ewin, as well as other hypnotherapists whose work established major milestones in hypnotherapy practice.”

Judith Pearson, Ph. D.

Published author, therapist and trainer in Virginia, The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy
“Experienced professional hypnotherapists and psychotherapists are now combining their awareness of metaphysics with the science of hypnosis. The book: The Art of SPIRITUAL HYPNOSIS: ACCESSING DIVINE WISDOM has documented a fascinating collection of case histories written by those that I consider experts. Spiritual awareness is a necessary component when working with the mind and any level of age regression.”

Joane Goulding, LMCCH., LMASCH., LMAACHP

Director: Goulding Institute, and Author: The Goulding Process. SleepTalk® for Children

Curriculum Overview

In this unique mentorship program you will:

  • Master the process that enables you to confidently work with any client who walks into your office, regardless of presenting issue.

  • Learn how to utilize client reactions that shut other hypnotherapists down.

  • Learn how to discern your clients subconscious blocks and what to do once you have.

  • Become more confident that your client IS in hypnosis – and lean how to have them more confident too.

  • Know which type of hypnotic technique to use when – and how to know for sure.

  • Learn the 3 Key factors that determine whether your practice thrives or struggles.

  • Master the most powerful hypo-analytic techniques available in modern hypnotherapy.

  • Learn how to set your client up for success – before the session ever begins.

In total, you will learn to craft a superior TOTAL CLIENT EXPERIENCE, from start to finish in your practice.

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Class 1 Introduction to Hypnotherapy

Class 2 The Four Cornerstones of Successful Hypnotherapy

Class 3 The Benefits Approach

Class 4 Anchoring and Triggers

Class 5 Uncovering Subconscious Blocks

Class 6 Ideomotor Response Questions

Class 7 Introducing Hypnotic Regression Therapy

Class 8 Hypnotic Regression Therapy Phase 1 – Client Preparation

Class 9 Hypnotic Regression Therapy Phase 2 – Regression Techniques to Discover the Cause(s)

Class 10 Hypnotic Regression Therapy Phase 3 – Abreactions and Release

Class 11 Hypnotic Regression Therapy Phase 4 – Subconscious Relearning

Class 12 Hypnotic Regression Therapy Phase 5 – Concluding the Sessions

Class 13 Past Life Regressions – Fact or Fantasy?

Class 14 Unresolved Past Grief

Class 15 PTSD, Phobias, Fears & Anxieties

Class 16 Introduction to Parts Therapy

Class 17 Parts Therapy Preparation

Class 18 Parts Therapy 11-Step Process

Class 19 Parts Therapy Conclusion Phase, and Pitfalls

Class 20 What’s Next?

Class 21 Marketing & Promoting Your Practice

Class 22 Deeper Dive Elective To Be Determined by Class

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Choose the option below that best suits you!  Enrollment is limited to just 21 students!

*5 monthly payments processed by as a PayPal subscription/pre-approved payment.

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